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If you have a website and wish to participate in the affiliation network, it is easy, profitable and there are many advantages.

It's Easy and it's Free
There is no charge to participate. In fact we pay you ! Every time a customer you refer buys from our site, you earn a percentage on his orders. All you have to do is follow the instructions and complete our subscription form. There is no easier way to add e-commerce to your site.

Place our banner or link to on your site. Any customer coming through that banner or link and ordering on our site will qualify you for an 8% commission on the sale (after subtracting any applicable sales taxes and customs duties)- no exceptions. There is no limit to how much you can earn.

A name you can trust benefits from over six years experience in selling gourmet cheeses throughout the world over the internet. We are the leading site in France for traditional French cheeses. We were voted the in 1998 the best gastronomic site in France. The international press has given us extensive coverage. Le Monde, New York times, House and Gardens, Financial Times, Le Figaro, Yahoo internet life, Capital, etc. We have been also referenced as a supplier of choice on AOL. Ninety percent of our sales are in the international markets

Our service and products you can trust
Eighty five percent of cheese boards are delivered in between 24 and 48 hours. Our products are of exceptional quality, we pay particular attention to the seasons and making sure the cheeses arrive in their peak condition. They comply with the US FDA regulations.

Benefit from our communication program
We regularly advertise in the press that is targeted to the gastronomic world, also magazines that target French people living in the United States. We intent to increase this effort over the next few years.

Individual management of your account
At any moment you can access our site to find the number of orders and commissions attributed to you.


Creating a profitable business relationship between an Affiliate site and, a website owned and operated by SA a company registered in France.

The essence of this agreement is as follows :

The affiliate places a banner or link on his site that directs his customers to A customer clicking on this link will find himself on the home page. If that customer orders, one or several product/s, then a remuneration will be due to the affiliate.

The remuneration due by SA is calculated by multiplying the commission rate to the total value of the first order by such a customer, less sales tax if applicable. Commissions are only paid once the order has been delivered and paid for.

You and are independent contractors, and nothing in this agreement will create any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative or employment relationship between the parties.

Obligations of

The sales contract is non exclusive, subject to the terms and conditions of sale for (these conditions can be found on our site) between the visitor from the affiliate and assumes the entire responsibility of correctly executing the order, discussing with the visitor if required, delivery, taking payment and after sales service when required.Once the visitor enters them they will become the exclusive property of as to the address, name, product purchased and other relevant information. Any such can only be communicated to the affiliate by prior permission of the visitor.

Identification of buyer customer and payment of commissions

Under our present system the visitors coming on's site from an affiliate are identified by a code in the URL specific to a particular affiliate. The code is supplied by Only orders received through visitors coming to from the affiliate on the coded URL will be valid.

The commission payable on a paid order will be 8% of the total value of the order less any sales tax if applicable (+ or - 20%). (Order value includes transport and packaging). An affiliate can monitor in real time orders attributable to them by a specific address given to them.

All commissions due will be paid quarterly in arrears, 10 days after the end of the calendar quarter, subject to recovering an invoice. Any amount due at the end of a quarter that is less than 75 Euros will be carried forward to the quarterly payment when this sum is exceeded. This will, for both parties concerned, prevent excess accounting and bank charges. Should for any reason the agreement between us be cancelled all sums due will be paid regardless of the amount.

Site content is under the obligation to notify the affiliate of any changes or modifications to the URL as described in the link so that the link between the two site is guaranteed to work. The affiliate agrees to accept any modification to the URL and on occasions any problems of a technical nature that might be subjected to.

Reserving the right to accepting an affiliate.

Our affiliation program is open to any internet site that completes and returns the registration document. But SA reserves the right to refuse an application for any reason, or for any cause that they might judge, in their sole discretion, not in the interest of the company or their site

Term of Agreement

The Agreement between an affiliate and starts once the banner or link with the coded URL is showing on the affiliates site. This Agreement will be in existence until such time as either party has notified the other party by register mail that they wish to terminate the partnership. The effective date of such termination is at minimum three days after receipt of such notification.

Policies and Pricing

As previously stated, a customer who buys on through our affiliation program will be exclusively a customer of Accordingly all our related terms and conditions will be applicable to that customer. We may change our terms and conditions or operating procedures at any time. For this reason you may not include pricing or detailed product information on your site. Sales prices and product selection might change we have the sole discretion of policies.


You are not permitted to create, publish, distribute, or permit any written material that makes reference to us without first submitting such material to us for our written consent. We agree this will not be unreasonably withheld.


We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, at any time to modify the terms and conditions of this agreement. You will be notified by e-mail. If any modification is unacceptable to you, your only recourse is to refuse such change which will automatically terminate the agreement.

Dispute under this contractual relationship. Governing Law.

Any dispute under the terms and conditions of this agreement will be subjected to French law and the juridiction of the commercial courts of Tours.

How to subscribe

We have made it pleasurable and simple :

Please read the general conditions of the affiliation program.

Subscribe by completing the subscription form.

Choose the banner or link most appropriate to your site.

Validate your request for subscription.

Once the above has been completed your will receive a reply from accepting or refuse your subscription. If accepted you will receive the banner or link chosen with the associated URL. You will also receive your login and password that allows you to monitor accepted orders on

At any moment using your login and password you can consult your commission statement.

Contact affiliate partners :
Phone: +33 2 47 66 17 17 - Fax: +33 2 47 66 19 17

Banners & links

We propose to point the links to the frontpage of

Our suggestions :

You are free to choose the banner most appropriate. At the same time as the conformation of your subscription agreement you will receive by electronic mail the code associated with the banner or link chosen. Make sure the banner of is visible on your site. A well-placed banner attracts more visitors, which means more commissions. Inform your customers of our affiliation, newsletter, mailing lists, press and your home page.

To access your account (where your will find your link for, please click here. If you have not yet registered, please click here.

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