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Mille feuille, puff pastry filled with two salmons

Mille feuille, puff pastry filled with two salmons



150 grams of Comte
100 grams of smoked salmon
400 grams of a filet of fresh salmon
250 grams of potatoes
1 sprig of parsley
300 grams of tomatoes
50 grams of shallot
1d liter of fresh cream
50 grams of butter
1 liter of dry white wine (Wine from the Jura region… ideal)

Wash and peel the potatoes.
Slice up the shallots, peel and remove the pips from the tomatoes
then cut them up into small dices.

Butter an oven pan. First sprinkle on the sliced shallots, then the tomatoes,
followed by shredded parsley.
On top of this place the fresh salmon cut into four slices.
Then add the white wine, salt and pepper according to taste, add a little water.

Cook in an oven of 4 ( 200º C) for about 5 minutes.

Cut the potatoes up into thin slices and fry.
Take the fresh salmon out of its cooking sauce; replace in the oven until it is reduced by 20%.
Take the puff pastry and prepare in the following order:
pastry, smoked salmon, potatoes chips, fresh salmon, grated Comte,
potatoes, chips, smoked salmon, grated Comte.

Pour the cream in to a pan and on a slow flame reduce until one has a creamy consistency.
Pour the sauce over the layered pastry and
place in the over at 4 (220º C) for about ten minutes, this will allow the Comte to melt.

Comments: An exciting dish with its many layers of delicious savors,
the alliance between Comte and salmon is a gourmet’s delight.

Different textures, savors, and flavors marry to perfection.

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