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Banons with sweet and sour sauce

Banons with sweet and sour sauce

20 min
25 min


2 banons
15g butter
2 oranges
1 lemon
30g powdered ginger
1 table spoonful acacia honey
1 table spoonful white vinegar
1 table spoonful Soya sauce
1 table spoonful nuoc-mâm
salt and pepper to taste

Unwrap the banons and put them aside onto the dish they will be served on.
In a pot gently heat the honey, then add the vinegar, the Soya sauce and the nuoc-mâm.

Add the juice of two oranges and the juice of lemon then add the ginger powder, stirring gently.

Boil gently for about ten minutes, add the butter, stir.
The sauce should have a fairly thick consistency but it should still be runny. Season with salt and pepper.

At the moment of serving pour the hot sauce over the banons.

Comments: A deliciously refreshing dish, quick and easy to prepare.
Just right for the month of lovers, ginger being an aphrodisiac…