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Maki des Garrigues with crispy vegetables

Maki des Garrigues with crispy vegetables

4 to 6


300g of Roves des Garrigues
3 leaves of Nori
30g of Cucumber
1/4 red pepper
1 cafe spoon of grounded Espelette red pepper
6cl of olive oil

Moisten the Nori leaves by taking a pair of pincers and then dip them in cold water.
After this operation place them to drain on absorbant paper.
In a salad bowl, using a fork, squash the cheese adding in the grounded Espelette red pepper and the olive oil. Mix well.
Wash and peel the cucumber and the red pepper. Cut into cubes and add to the Roves cheese paste.
Spread on the leaves and place on them a generous portion of the cheese mixture. Then roll up tightly into a cigar shape.
Place in the fridge for two hours
Before serving cut into small round portions.

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