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Munster Quiche

Munster Quiche



1 roll of shortdough 
1 potato ( average size )
1 Munster
20 cl.of milk
10 cl of liquid cream
2 eggs
50 grams of smoked bacon
Salt and pepper

Peel the potato and then shred it, rinse under cold water, allow to drain on an absorbent paper.
Take off the Munster’s rind and cut into thin slices.
Mix the milk, cream, eggs and potatoes in a mixing bowl. Salt and pepper to taste, but remember not too much salt as the recipe calls for bacon.
Preheat the oven to Th.6 (210 °C). Place the flaked pastry in a flat baking dish, remembering to butter the bottom of the dish. Then pick the pastry with a fork. Now place the thin slices of Munster with the bacon over the pastry. Cover with the mixture.
Allow to cook for about 35/40 minutes. If you see that the quiche is becoming too browned just place a sheet of aluminum paper over the dish.
Serve slightly warmed

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