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Fondue savoyarde

Take the rind off the cheeses and cut into thin strips. We suggest you do not grate the cheeses as it melts too quickly and tends to amalgamate. Peel the garlic and rub the interior of the fondue pot. Pour in the white wine, place the pot on a slow flame. Add in progressively the cheeses; stirring continually. Once the cheeses are well melted bring the mixture up to the boil for three minutes making sure you maintain a smooth creamy fondue. At this stage it is ready to place on an alcohol safety burner on the table. Add the kirsh and season as required.

One of the great pleasures of a truly winter fare, a savors of summer when the ground is covered with snow.

Ingredients :

300 g of Beaufort 

300 g of Comte

300 g Swiss gruyere
A clove of garlic
50 cl of white wine
Salt, pepper and muscade