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Ravioli with Goat's cheese

Prepare the pastry by mixing in all the above ingredients; allow this mixture to settle for about an hour. Season the cheese with chopped up shallots, crushed garlic, vinegar, thyme, and pepper. Make the raviolis by rolling out the pastry mix with a 2 mm thickness. Once this is done use a round mould of about 5 to 6 diameters to cut the pastry into several circle.

Then by using a cafe spoon place the cheese spread in the middle. Once finish fold the circle into two and close the extremities so that one finds the even thickness throughout. Cook the ravioles in salted water. Just before serving, place on each plate the olives (take out the kernel), the crushed tomatoes with a sprinkling of thyme. Then complete the dish with the raviolis.

This recipe comes from the Provence region of France : an interesting approach to tasting goat’s cheeses. Your Italian friends will be surprised.

Ingredients :

Raviolis pastry :
300g of buckwheat
1 egg yolk
1 egg
1 soup spoon of olive oil

Garnish :
4 Rouleaux de Provence
2 shallots
150 g green olives
200g of crushed tomatoes
1dl of vinegar
1 clove of garlic

A cool Rose de Provence

Rouleau de Provence