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Stuffed potatoes with farm made Livarot

Bake, in their skins, the good-looking potatoes. It is a good idea to wrap them in aluminium paper. Once cooked, cut carefully the top and take out the inside of the potato; operation delicate as the potatoes are hot. Scrape of the rind of the Livarot and cut into small dice.
Mix the inside of the potatoes with the cheese and refill the skins. Replace in the oven for about 10 minutes (180 ÂșC) after having generously cover with butter. Once taken out of the oven sprinkle with vinegar mixed with caraway seeds. Add the shallots to the butter sauce and serve hot with a green salad.
This dish is ideal for a frisky autumn night around the fire.

Ingredients :

6 good-looking potatoes
1 Livarot cheese
Oil and vinegar
A green salad