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Tournedos of corn and Emmental

Bring the milk to the boil and allow the corn on the cob to cook for 20min. Remove the rind from the Emmental, and cut into long thin slices. Drain the corn on the cob and cover them with the slices of cheese. Then roll on the finely thin slices of pork. Once done, tie up with cooking string and cut into rounds of 3/4cm length. Heat up the grill and allow about 3min grilling time on each side.

Serve hot with a salad sprinkled with grilled almonds. Our old friend corn on the cob is dressed to kill. You will not be disappointed...

Ingredients :

300g of Emmental
4 corn on the cobs
40g of finely cut breast of pork
2 liters of milk

A white wine from Savoie

Emmental Grand Cru