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Cooked sausages with Pont l'Evêque

Peel the potatoes and cook for 15min in salted water, once cooked mash into a creamy puree.
Add 100g of butter and the cream.
Season to taste.
Fill the four plates with the puree.
Cut the Pont l'Evêque into small squares and bury in the puree.
Place in grill so that the top of the dish browns.
Cut the sausage into four thick slices.
Take a frying pan, place the remaining 25g of butter and fry the sausage until they are crusty.
Place on top of the puree and serve hot.

An easy recipe with a savory result. Potatoes, cheese and sausages, an excellent combination !

Ingredients :

400g of cooked sausages (Andouilles de Vire)
600g of potatoes
125g of butter
25cl of cream
1 Pont l'Evêque
Grounded pepper
4 oven plates