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Saint-Nectaire tart

Prepare a short crust pastry.
In the bottom place the 200 grams of Saint-Nectaire cut into small thin slices .
On the top of the cheese place thin slices of tomatoes. Salt and pepper to taste, add a touch of red pepper. Sprinkle the dried bread crumbs and a light covering of chopped black olives.
Add a few teaspoons of butter.
Cook for about half an hour in a hot oven.
To be eaten cold or hot.
(Recipe from the Syndicat du fromage Saint-Nectaire).

A recipe easily accomplished. This makes an excellent entree ( first course). Its originality is the association of the cheese with chopped olives. These two ingredients are not often found together, but marry well. With this dish try a little salad, seasoned with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Excellent !

Ingredients :

Saint-Nectaire 200 g
Salt, pepper and red pepper (cayenne)
Dried bread crumbs
Black olives