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Ray with Camembert

Lay down the two pieces of ray in an oven dish with the mushrooms
Pour the wine on top
Take the crust of the cheese and cut it into slices
Put the slices of Camembert on and around the ray
Season to taste with the salt and pepper, then cover with the cream
Bake in an over at 250° C (475° F). The ray should be light brown and the sauce consistent but no too thick. If the sauce is too thick, add some more fresh cream.

At first sight this recipe is slightly surprising, for two reasons : it is unusual to marry fish with cheese. Owing to it strong personality, Camembert is rarely use in cooking. But you will discover the marriage is perfect. Camembert gives a little virility to the fish, complimented by the cream which wraps the dish in a robe of warmth and softness. A good companion is potatoes cooked in their jackets and then peeled, sliced and cooked with the fish. Wonderful...

Ingredients :

2 pieces of ray wings,
about 300 grams (12ozs) each
White mushrooms 200 grams (8ozs)
1/8 of a ripe Camembert
Double cream 2 spoons
1/2 a glass of dry wine
Salt and pepper

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