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Cheese board special Fondue

Large parts of the Western World are now covered in snow. What better way to start the New Year with that convivial dish the “fondue”. Friend, neighbors, family and lovers gather round our special plateau “The Fondue”. First the cheeses, Comté, Beaufort and Emmental (Grand Cru); next chunks of crusty bread. Heat the cheeses in an earthenware or cast iron pot; add a few generous dashes of dry white wine and a splash of lemon juice and garlic. Spear a chunk of bread with a three pronged fondue fork into the bubbling cheese and then pop it into your mouth. Winter will disappear into a heavenly gourmet paradise. Don’t forget a good bottle of white Savoy wine. Attention: those that let the bread fall in the pot must pay a gage. The whole performance makes for an enchanting evening.

The selection includes Comte 18 months old
Emmental Grand Cru


600 G
(21 Ozs)