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Curler and Cheeses

3 Cheeses  with the Girolle Curler

2 different milks - Cow for Tete de Moine - Ewe or sheep for la Marotte and La Basquaise.

The cheese curler is a unique tool designed to be used with the cheeses we selected.

The beech wood board and stainless steel curling knife create pretty paper-thin curls, intensifying the authentic flavor of the cheeses and creating an eye-catching presentation to impress everyone around.

Ideal for a buffet or in a salad.......

Invite your friends and Enjoy!

Check this link to learn how to use the cheese curler


The selection includes La Basquaise 1/2
La Marotte 1/2
TĂȘte de Moine 1/2pc


2220 G
(77,7 Ozs)