CWB: Cheeses, Wine and Bread!

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3000 g
(105 Ozs)

To create a very complete cheeseboard we gathered:

2 ewe cheeses: Roquefort, the powerful and Ossau Iraty a cheese from "Pays Basque"

2 goat cheeses: Sainte Maure de Touraine, an ash-coated one, and Mothais sur Feuille a slightly stronger but smooth one

1 cow cheese: Comte

These cheeses are associated to a white Sancerre ( Sauvignon grapes ) from Vincent Pinard's vineyard in Loire Valley region.
To enhance the flavors of the cheeses and wine we choosed to add a honey, hazelnuts and raisins bread.


* Depending on season, the composition of this board is subject to change. - Naturellement savoureux

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