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Riesling 2003 Basket

Welcome to the world of pairing wine and cheese:.

A Riesling 2003. A wine from alsace produce with riesling grapes. Its nose is little smoky and taste exotic fruit.

We pair with this white Alsatian wine, orange rind cheese:  Munster, an Alsatian cheese; a  Maroilles from north of France; a Livarot from Normandy and Langres from Champagne area. To accompany these powerfull tastes we choosed to round the trip with one Banon a small powerfull goat cheese.


The selection includes Munster
Livarot 1/2 pce
Maroilles (1/4)
Riesling Winzenberg 2003 Domaine Auther


1920 G
(67,2 Ozs)