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Christmas selection and Champagne

The ultimate Gourmet Gift.

We have carefully selected seasonal cheeses for their qualities and tastes.

From the softness of the Vacherin-Mont d'Or to the strengh of the Roquefort with a stop at the original Coulommiers with black truffles and the deep nutty taste of a 36 months old Comté.

We have, also, incuded a bottle of Champagne Blanc de Blancs, that will enhance all the flavor of the selected cheeses.

And as such a selection deserve a special packaging that will offer you the ultimate Gourmet Gift. And it's included of course.

The selection includes Vacherin-Mont d'Or
Coulommiers with black truffles 1/2
Comté 30 months
Champagne Moutard


3500 G
(122,5 Ozs)


Epoisses de Bourgogne