Provence selection and Rosé wine

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Provence is well known for its authentic landscapes, its sunny weather, and a deep passion for cheese production which give them their typical flavour. 

Travel to the warm and beautiful region of Provence with our « Plateau Provence »  cheeseboard.
A selection of cheeses which will give you the summer taste from France. Begin with Banon, a soft creamy taste, reminiscent of goat milk, gradually influenced by the aroma of the chestnut leaf. Then, continue with « Tome de Provence », an ancestral creamy goat cheese, with a light smoked flavour. than enjoy the tender creamy taste of Bouyguette and Saint Marcellin. Finish with the spicy Tome à l'Huile, a semi matured goat cheese covered with spices and olive oïl.

 You will finish this tasting experience with a stop in Pyrénées mountains with Tomme de Belloc, a subtle ewe milk cheese.

To make it a typical Provence tasting, we have selected a Vin de Pays des Alpes de Haute Provence produced in the valley of river Durance.

* Depending on season, the composition of this board is subject to change. - Naturellement savoureux

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