Règlement jeu Instagram

Article 1 : Organizing Company

The company Fromages.com, Société par Actions Simplifiée, with a capital of €37,000, registered with the RCS of Tours under the number 410 785 927, whose registered office is located at 108 avenue Vatel, 37000 TOURS is organizing from 01/05/2021 to 15/05/2021 a game with no Obligation to purchase (the Game) entitled "Contest" on the Instagram account of Fromages.com: www.instagram.com/fromages_com according to the terms and conditions described in these rules.

Since the Game is accessible on the Instagram application, under no circumstances will Instagram be held responsible in the event of a dispute related to the Game. Instagram is neither the organizer nor the sponsor of the operation.

The Game is subject to the regulations arising from French law applicable to Games and Contests.

Article 2 : Announcement of the GAME

The Game is announced only on Instagram via a publication on the @fromages_com account.

Article 3 : Conditions of participation

The free Game is open to any natural person over the age of 13, with internet access as well as a valid email address, an Instagram account and residing in one of the countries of the European Union, with the exception of the staff of the Organizing Company and their families as well as any person who has participated in the development, promotion and management of the Game.

In order to win, participants must agree to follow the Instagram account @fromages_com.

Any participant who is a minor must nevertheless obtain the prior authorization of one of his or her parents or legal guardian to participate in the Game.

The Organizing Body may ask any minor participant to provide proof of such authorization and, if necessary, disqualify a participant who cannot provide proof of such authorization.

The Organizing Body reserves the right to designate another winner if an initial winner, if a minor, is unable to provide sufficient proof of said authorization.

The mere fact of participating in the Game implies pure and simple acceptance, without reservation, of these rules.

The participant may participate as many times as he/she wishes.

All participation must be fair: it is strictly forbidden, by any means whatsoever, to modify or attempt to modify the proposed game system. It is therefore totally forbidden to play with multiple email addresses and/or Instagram accounts linked to the same natural person as well as to play with an email address and/or Instagram account opened on behalf of another person.

In particular, email addresses from domains created and/or registered on the occasion of this GAME will be considered invalid.

The Organizing Company reserves the right to enforce equal opportunity among all participants, in particular by legal action or any other means at its convenience.

Article 4 : Participation methods

This Contest takes place exclusively on the Instagram account @fromages.com on the dates indicated in Article 1 of these rules.

To play, participants must follow the following procedure:

1. Log in to their Instagram account

2. Go to the Instagram account @fromages.com and follow it

3. "Liked" the post announcing the Game.

4. Comment on the publication announcing the Game by identifying two other accounts.

Article 5 : Designation of Winners.

The winners will be drawn at random from among the participants who have fulfilled all the conditions and terms of participation in Articles 3 and 4 of these rules.

The list of participants having commented on the publication in accordance with the terms and conditions recalled in article 4, will be extracted from the Instagram account @fromages.com and 1 winners will then be drawn on May 15 via the website https://www.wask.co/instagram-giveaway-comment-winner-picker?lang=fr.

The announcement of the winners will be made on 15/05/2021 on the Instagram account @fromages.com.

Winners will be contacted via the private messaging of the @fromages.com Instagram account, and will receive details on the nature of the prize won and how to receive it. Any winner who does not respond within 15 days of being notified of their win will be deemed to have forfeited it. The prize will then be awarded to a new winner (who will be in the next position).

Article 6 : Prizes

The following prizes will be awarded: 1 "Tour de France des Fromages" tray made up of 6 cheeses: Petit Pouligny Saint Pierre PDO (150g), Brie de Meaux PDO (200g), Morbier PDO 100 days (200g), La Marotte (200g), half Fleur du Maquis (150g) and half Livarot PDO (250g) worth €40. The support (wooden tray in the shape of France) visible on the image of the contest is not included in the winning lot.

The prize will be sent by post via a delivery service (Chronofresh for France, Fedex for other countries served by Fromages.com.

If the winner is not present on the day of delivery, the delivery service provider will leave a letter in the winner's mailbox to specify the procedure for setting a new delivery date.

The value of the prizes is determined at the time these rules are written and cannot be contested as to their evaluation.

In the event of force majeure or in the event of exceptional circumstances beyond its control, the Organizing Body reserves the right to replace the prizes won with prizes of equivalent value and/or nature and/or with similar characteristics.

The prizes will be accepted as announced. No changes may be requested by the winners.

The winners may not claim the cash equivalent of the prizes won or request their exchange for other goods or services.

It is specified that the Organizing Body will not provide any additional service to the delivery of the prizes.

The prizes are personal and cannot be sold. Consequently, the winners may not under any circumstances assign them or transfer them to one or more third parties.

Article 7 : Awarding of prizes

The winners will be contacted by private message on Instagram, within 7 days of the announcement of the winners on the @fromages.com account, so that they can communicate their postal coordinates.

The Winners will receive by postal delivery (fresh parcel preserved by cold inputs) their endowments within 7 days from their message indicating their postal coordinates.

At all times, Participants are responsible for the accuracy of the information they have provided. Consequently, they are responsible for changing their e-mail and/or postal address and must, in the event of a change of e-mail or postal address, take the necessary steps to ensure that, if they are designated winners, their prizes reach them.

Article 8 : Consultation and acceptance of the rules

The complete rules can be consulted free of charge on the website www.fromages.com/reglementconcoursinstagram/ during the entire period of validity of the Game. They can also be accessed from the Instagram account @fromages.com via a link in the presentation of the @fromages.com account.

Participation in the Contest implies the participant's unreserved acceptance of the rules in their entirety and the terms and conditions of the Contest. The Organizing Body shall be the sole arbiter of any dispute relating to the game, its rules and/or cases not provided for in the rules. Its decisions will be sovereign and without appeal. In all cases, the participants and the Organizing Company undertake to attempt to resolve amicably any dispute that may arise in connection with the game.

Any possible modification to the rules will be the subject of an amendment to the present rules, which can be consulted on the website www.fromages.com during the duration of the game. In the event of accidental discrepancies between these complete rules and the operation's media, it is expressly stipulated that the terms of the complete rules will take precedence.

Article 9 : Management of the game

The organizing company reserves the right to modify, complete, extend, shorten, suspend or cancel this GAME without notice, if circumstances so require. Its responsibility cannot be engaged by this fact. No compensation can be requested by the participants.

The organizing company may cancel all or part of the GAME if it appears that fraud has occurred in any form whatsoever, including computer fraud in connection with participation in the GAME. It reserves, in this case, the right not to award the prize to the fraudster and / or to prosecute before the competent courts the author of these frauds.

The organizing company reserves the right to stop or suspend the game in case of fraud or in all cases where, for any reason whatsoever, the computer system would award prizes not provided for in these rules. In this case, the messages informing the participants of a win will be considered null and void. In no case may the number of prizes exceed that provided for in these rules. The organizing company reserves the right to suspend the game if it considers that it is no longer able to ensure the security of the participants' personal information.

Article 10 : Personal data

As part of the Contest, the participant will be required to enter personal data about him or her in the comment space on Instagram.

Fromages.com is responsible for processing the participant's personal data through the Contest.

The participant's personal data collected in the comment space of Instagram of the post contest are subject to computer processing by Fromages.com intended for the registration of the participant in the Contest, the management of the Contest and the delivery of prizes to the winner. The participant's personal data is processed on the legal basis of consent.

The participant's personal data is kept for the duration of the participation in the Contest and will be deleted within 6 months after the end of the Contest.

Access to the participant's personal data is strictly limited to authorized persons within Fromages.com in charge of processing, as well as to Fromages.com's subcontractors in charge of managing the participant's data on behalf of Fromages.com, in particular for the management of the Contest and the delivery of prizes.

The participant's personal data will only be transferred to the above-mentioned subcontractors of Fromages.com in strict compliance with the purposes listed above. Fromages.com may nevertheless be required to communicate the participant's personal data to third parties in application of a law, a court decision or at the request of public authorities.

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act (Loi Informatiques et Libertés) and the General Data Protection Regulation, the participant has the right to access, rectify and delete his/her personal data. The participant also has a right to limit the processing, a right to portability and a right to object.

The participant also has the right to define directives relating to the conservation, deletion and communication of his personal data after his death in accordance with Article 85 of the Data Protection Act.

To exercise these rights, the participant may, subject to proof of identity, contact Fromages.com by email at DPO@fromages.com or by mail at DPO - Direction des Affaires Juridiques - LGPO 10 à 20 rue Adolphe Beck 53000 Laval (France).

Fromages.com will make every effort to respond satisfactorily to your requests. If, for any reason whatsoever, you consider that the response is not satisfactory, you may file a complaint with the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés).

Article 11 : Refund of participation fees

The rules of the contest will be hosted on www.fromages.com

Participation in the game by means of a fixed or mobile Internet connection on a free or flat-rate basis (cable, ADSL, fiber optic, mobile Internet package) will not give rise to any reimbursement insofar as the fact that the participant connects to participate in the contest does not cause any additional costs.

Article 12 : Security

It is expressly recalled that the Internet is not a secure network. The organizing company cannot be held responsible for any problem of any nature whatsoever related to the use of computer tools and networks and in particular to the transmission of data via the Internet.

The organizing company cannot be held responsible for contamination by viruses or the intrusion of a third party into the terminal system of participants in the GAME and declines all responsibility for the consequences of the connection of participants to the network via the site www.instagram.com.

In particular, the organizing company cannot be held responsible for any damage, material or immaterial, caused to participants, their computer equipment and the data stored there, and the consequences that may arise from this on their personal or professional activity.

The organizing company cannot be held responsible if one or more participants are unable to participate via the Internet site www.instagram.com due to any technical defect or any problem related to, but not limited to

- network congestion,

- transfer and access times to information posted online and response times to display, consult or transfer data,

- human or electronic error,

- to any malicious intervention,

- to the telephone link,

- a case of force majeure,

- disruptions that could affect the smooth running of the games,

- the presence of viruses on the Internet site www.instagram.com

- the Organizing Body shall not be held responsible if, for any reason whatsoever (in particular computer fraud, virus, fire, flood, strike or any other reason), the Game/Contest should be shortened, modified, postponed or cancelled.

Article 14 : Fraud or attempted fraud

Any fraud, attempted fraud and/or failure to comply with these Rules shall result in the immediate and automatic disqualification and exclusion of its author, with the Organizing Body reserving the right, where applicable, to take legal action against him/her.
In particular, the following are considered cases of fraud or attempted fraud resulting in the automatic and definitive disqualification of their author:

(i) fraudulently entering data into an automated system or fraudulently deleting or modifying data

(ii) fraudulently accessing or remaining in all or part of an automated data processing system

(iii) importing, possessing, offering, transferring, or making available, without a legitimate reason, including research or computer security, any equipment, instrument, computer program, or data designed or specially adopted for the purpose of committing an offense or offenses

(iv) using robots, software or similar devices to automate participation without physical intervention

(v) providing a false identity or address, or the identity or address of a third party; and more generally

(vi) deliberately violating the provisions of these Rules.

In the event of exclusion of a winner, the latter will forfeit all his or her rights under these Rules, in particular those related to obtaining the prize at stake.

The participants authorize all useful verifications concerning in particular their identity and domicile, in order to allow the Organizing Body to ensure that they comply with these Rules. Any such request shall be notified to the Participants by the Organizing Body by means of an e-mail or letter. The justification issued by the Participant shall in particular demonstrate that the address indicated corresponds to that of his or her principal residence. Thus, for example, the indication of a business address will result in the cancellation of participation and removal from the list of winners, if applicable, unless the Participant provides proof that this address corresponds to his or her principal place of residence.