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Mothais sur Feuille

Mothais sur Feuille, goat milk cheese available to sell

This cheese was born in the Deux-Sevres region, where it is still produced on the farms. Goat’s cheeses, unlike mothais, are generally ripened in drier and better ventilated cellars than most of the other cheeses. The Mothais is the exception as it is matured in a very humid cellar with no ventilation. The flavour is soft and delicate, it literally melts in ones mouth. The maturing process of the mothais takes three to four weeks and the cheeses are dried out by placing them on a chestnut leaf. They are turned every four days.


En savoir plus
Matière grasse (%) : 45%
Ferment : oui
Traitement du lait : Lait cru / Raw milk / Leche cruda / Rohe Milch
Ingrédients : Lait cru de chèvre, sel, ferments lactiques, présure / Raw goat milk, sal, lactic ferments, rennet / Leche cruda de cabra, sal, fermentos lácticos, cuajo / Rohe Ziegenmilch, Salz, Milchsäurebakterien, Renne
Allergènes :

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Spring - Summer - Fall
3 weeks minimum For US delivery maturing extended over 60 days


240 g (8,4 Ozs)

Pairing cheese and wine

White wine: Haut-Poitou (Sauvignon, Chardonnay grapes) Red wine: Touraine (Gamay Noir, Cabernet-Franc grapes)


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