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Organic Fourme d'Ambert

Organic Fourme d'Ambert, cow milk cheese available to sell

Fourme d'Ambert is one of France's oldest cheeses (dating from the Roman period). Today production is with pasteurised milk. Like its cousin Fourme de Montbrison, it is a blue cheese. The maturing process takes place in aerated, humid cellars. This is one of our Cheese Master specialties. The maturing period lasts 2 to 3 months. In the Tours region of France the local cheese mongers allow the cheeses to mature by adding a little "mellow Vouvray wine". This cheese still smells the cave odour and has a lasting taste of wine and fruits extremely pleasant. The rind is dry and yellow and wrapped in a grey velvet. Inside, the pate is creamy, moistured, with faint hints of blue mould.


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Spring - Summer - Fall - Winter
Minimum 2 months For US delivery maturing extended over 60 days


200 g (7 Ozs)

Pairing cheese and wine

White wine: Vouvray (Chenin Blanc grape) Light red wine: CĂ´tes d'Auvergne (Gamay Noir grape) Natural wine: Banyuls (Grenache Noir grape)