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L'Encalat, ewe milk cheese available to sell

This cheese has the same shape, the same weight and its rind has the same color of the Camembert, but is is produced with ewe milk.

Its pate is soft and creamy, its taste is slightly acid and get stonger has the maturation get longer.

A ewe milk "camembert"...definitely to be tasted.


En savoir plus
Matière grasse (%) : 48%
Ferment : oui
Traitement du lait : lait thermisé / Thermized milk / leche termizada / thermisierte Milch
Ingrédients : lait de brebis, sel, présure, ferments / ewe milk, sal, rennet, ferments / Leche de oveja, sal, cuajo, fermentos / Schafmilch, Salz, Renne, Fermente
Allergènes :

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240 g (8,4 Ozs)

Pairing cheese and wine

Jurancon sec


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