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Organic camembert

Organic camembert, cow milk cheese available to sell

Well known throughout the world, Camembert is the cheese the most often copied, but connoisseurs know that the true Camembert comes from only five departments in Normandie. It is produced from raw milk and ladled into cheese vats. A genuine Camembert mentions the production process on its packaging. A good cheese is "affine" (matured) to the very heart of cheese. Its pate is a clear yellow with a delicate, subtle salty taste. It has a delicate, subtle salty taste, with a fruity tang. The rind is stripped, with a white velvet, and red pigments. The dough is a clear yellow.

This is the same cheese as the Camembert de Normandie, but its production is based on oa organic way of production


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Spring - Summer - Fall - Winter
more than 60 days


250 g (8,75 Ozs)

Pairing cheese and wine

Cider or red light bordeaux (not too many tanin)


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