Cantal Entre Deux

cantal,grandfather of the cheeses from the Auvergne region

This distinguished cheese is the grandfather of the cheeses from the Auvergne region. Over the years its reputation has appealed to more and more cheese lovers. History tells us that 2000 years ago, due to hard winters in a region where the terrain made travelling difficult, farmers produced large cheeses so that there was always something to eat throughout the year. In 1980 this remarkable cheese was accepted into the prestigious AOC family. Auvergne is a region known for a thousand volcanoes; blessed by mountain storms and summer sun, the pasture lands are extremely fertile; Cantal cheese captures all the richness of these pasture lands. A well-ripened Cantal has a vigorous taste, whereas a young cheese has the sweetness of raw milk. The form of the cheese is massive and dumpy, with a soft yellow interior. When kneaded, the pâte tends to melt in the hand. The pate is firm and homogeneous, with a thick smooth, dry, greyish/brown rind. It smell the rich pasture lands.

200 g
(7 Ozs)
2 months For US delivery maturing extended over 60 days
Pairing wine

Light and fruity red wine: Chinon (Cabernet Franc grape)
Dry white wine: Côtes-du-Duras (Sauvignon, Sémillon grapes)

Pairing cheese

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