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Tomme de Belloc

Tomme de Belloc, ewe milk cheese available to sell

This cheese is made from the milk of red-nosed Manech ewes. The milk is bought in from neighbouring farms and taken to the Abbaye de Notre-Dame de Belloc in the Pays-Basque, where it is made into cheese. The cheese has a fine, dense pâte that is rich in fat. The strong, lingering flavour, like caramelized brown sugar, is the result of a long affinage of 6 months, a similar effect to a stew that has been simmering for a long time


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Spring - Summer - Fall - Winter
more than 60 days


200 g (7 Ozs)

Pairing cheese and wine

White wine: Pacherenc du Vic Bilh (Arrufiat, Manseng grapes)



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