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Briquette de Brebis

Briquette de Brebis, ewe milk cheese available to sell

The Briquette de brebis is produced in the Averyon region from the same milk that is used to make the Roquefort and the Perail. The briquette de brebis is matured for three weeks in a humid cellar. Production starts in February and carries through to the autumn. The Briquette de Brebis is a creamy cheese with a delicious nutty taste. Under its natural rind, the pate is soft, slightly pressed, and uncooked.


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Spring - Summer
Fresh: minimum 2 weeks Semi-Fresh: minimum 4 to 5 weeks Matured: minimum 6 to 8 weeks


220 g (7,7 Ozs)

Pairing cheese and wine

Condrieu white wine