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Bethmale, cow milk cheese available to sell

This is the best known of the traditional cow'milk cheeses from the Pyrénées. It is named after the village where it is made, in the Couserans region of the Comté de Foix. Legend has it that it was favoured by King Louis VI who went through the area in the XII century. Bethmale is probably the mildest of all cow's milk cheeses of the Pyrénées. The cheese has a semi-hard, uncooked pressed pâte and smells of the cellar. Affinage takes 2 to 3 months during which time the cheese is daily brushed and turned.


En savoir plus
Matière grasse (%) : 31%
Protides (g) : 22
Lipides (g) : 31
Mat. gras. acides gras sat. (g) : 22
Glucides (g) : 1.0
Sel (g) : 2.06
Valeur énergétique kCal : 371
Valeur énergétique Kj : 1538
Traitement du lait : Pâte pressée non cuite / Pressed uncooked dough / Pasta prensada non cocida / Gepresster nicht-nachgewaermeter Bruch / Não massa cozida em um leite de pressa / Pasta pressada cruda
Ingrédients : Lait, sel, ferments, chlorure de calcium, présure, conservateur : E1105 / Milk, salt, ferments, chloride of calcium, rennet, conservative: E1105 / Leche, sal, fermento, clorura de calcio, cuajo, a conservador: E1105 / Milch, Salz, Ferment, Kalziumchlorid, Renne, Konservativer: E1105 / Leite, sal, fermento, cloreto de cálcio, abomaso, conservador (curador): E1105 / Latte, sale, fermento, cloruro di calcio, caglio, conservatore: E1105
Allergènes : Lait et produits laitiers Œuf et dérivés de l'oeuf / Milk and derivatives Egg and by-products of the egg / Leche y productos lácteos Huevo y derivados del huevo / Kann Spuren von Ei und sonstigem Schalenobst enthalten / Leite e ovo de produtos de leiteria e subprodutos das nozes de ovo / Latte e prodotti lattiero-caseari uovo e derivati dall'uovo

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200 g (7 Ozs)

Pairing cheese and wine

Red wine: Collioure (Grenache Noir, Mourvèdre, Syrah grapes)


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