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Langres, cow milk cheese available to sell

The Langres is a close relative to the Epoisses de Bourgogne. Its name and origin are from a town in the Haute Marne. The cheese dates back to the 18th century. It was only quite recently (1991) admitted to the AOC family; prior to this date it was very much a regional cheese. During the maturing period the cheeses are placed in humid cellars, the ripening usually takes 5 to 6 weeks. The cheeses are regularly rubbed with brine, either by hand or using a damp cloth. A red dye extracted from the rocou (seeds of the American annatto tree) is applied which gives the cheese a natural orange colour. The form of the cheese is like a cylinder and has a 5-mm deep well on the top which is called in French the "fontaine". The true amateurs of this cheese fill the well with a touch of Marc de Champagne. The cheese is never turned during the maturing process. It is a vigorous cheese with a pronounced odour. The taste of salt is present, making the flavour of the cheese distinct without being aggressive, which makes it very agreeable. The rind of the cheese is sticky and shiny, showing off a magnificent natural orange colour. The pate is firm but melts in the mouth.


En savoir plus
Matière grasse (%) : 50%
Protides (g) : 15
Lipides (g) : 28
Mat. gras. acides gras sat. (g) : 19
Glucides (g) : 1.5
Dont sucres (g) : <0.5
Sel (g) : 2
Valeur énergétique kCal : 272
Valeur énergétique Kj : 1130
Ferment : oui
Traitement du lait : Lait thermisé / Thermized milk / Leche termizada / Thermisierte Milch / O leite de vaca termisado / Latte di mucca thermizzato
Ingrédients : Lait de vache thermisé, sel, ferments lactiques, présure / Thermized cow milk, sal, lactic ferments, rennet / Leche de vaca termizada, sal, fermentos lácticos, cuajo / Thermisierte Kuhmilch, Salz, Milchsäurebakterien, Renne / Rocou (E160b) Leite e produtos lacteos Ovo e subprodutos de ovo Noz / Latte di mucca thermizzato, sale, fermenti lattici, caglio
Allergènes : Rocou (E160b) / Rocou (E160b) / Rocou (E160b) / Rocou (E160b) Milch und Milcherzeugnisse Ei und Eierzeugnisse Schalenfruechte / Rocou (E160b) Leite e produtos lacteos Ovo e subprodutos de ovo Noz / Latte e prodotti lattiero-caseari uovo e derivati dall'uovo frutta a gusci

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180 g (6,3 Ozs)

Pairing cheese and wine

White wine: St Aubin (Chardonnay grape) Red wine: Volnay (Pinot Noir grape)



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