Coeur de Touraine

This is a succulent little farmer’s goat’s cheese that comes from the same family as the Selles-sur Cher. Its particularity is that the form is a heart shape and covered with charcoal dust. One can enjoy its rind that has a wonderful perfumed aromatic taste. The cheese matures after a minimum of three months with the rind changing color from a blue/ white to an attractive gray. The cheese represents a good example of a goat’s cheese with a snow-white pate (dough). The initial taste is quite hard and then becomes sticky, a few seconds later it melts in the mouth. Occasionally it has the tendency to leave a salty/ acid taste on the palate that is not disagreeable. During the affinage (maturing period ) the cheese’s savors mix with the odors of the cellar giving it that extra country flavor we all love. A suggestion: Enjoy the cheese on with nuts and raisin bread. Sublime!

150 g
(5,25 Ozs)
Minimum 3 weeksFor US deliverymaturing extended over 60 days
Pairing wine

White wine: Sancerre (Sauvignon grape)

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