Rocamadour (3 pces)

Cabecou de Rocamadour is more commonly known as "Rocamadour". The farm producers, since obtaining the AOC label in 1996, have abandoned the name Cabecou as too generic, and today insist on calling the cheese "Rocamadour". This also enables them to differentiate this cheese from the many Cabecou that exist. In accordance with one's taste, this Rocamadour can be eaten at the various stages of maturation. The young Rocamadour cheese (between 1 and 2 weeks of maturity) has a subtle acidic aroma and a slight nutty taste. During the maturing process, it acquires a delicate velvet rind, which is white at first and then becomes brown/yellow. The pate is white, supple and creamy.

120 g
(4,2 Ozs)
2 weeks

Pairing wine

Vouvray dry white

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