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Gouda with cumin

Gouda with cumin, cow milk cheese available to sell

This cheese has been made on Dutch farms in the vicinity of Gouda, a village near Rotterdam, since the XVI century. The cheese became a new craze and was soon very successful. Its production increased with the opening of industrial dairies at the beginning of the XX century. To determine the quality of a wheel, the connoisseurs would tap on it. This is known as "sounding" the cheese. A high tone or "sound" indicates that the cheese is ready and may be served with confidence. The rind of a wheel of genuine Gouda bears a patch of casein. Beware of copies! Our Gouda is flavored with cumin. One can find it with plain or mustard seeds as well.


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200 g (7 Ozs)

Pairing cheese and wine

Red wine: Beaujolais (Gamay Noir grape) - Beer lager type



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