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Gour Noir

Gour Noir, goat milk cheese available to sell
Cheeses like the Gour Noir are the labor of love from farmer families passionate about their products. In the village of Lapleau, Correze the family Arnaud possess a handsome herd of immaculate white Saanens goats. The goat’s milk produces a delicate little cheese called the Gour Noir. The taste is full of subtle flavors with an accent on the savor of goat’s milk. The affinage (maturity) leaves the pate crisp and flaky so the Goru Noir is best appreciated on a slice of country bread.


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Spring - Summer - Fall - Winter
2 to 6 weeks


200 g (7 Ozs)

Pairing cheese and wine

Red wine: Chateaumeillant (Gamay Noir, Pinot Noir grapes)