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Clacbitou, goat milk cheese available to sell

Like the Charolais which it resembles, the Clacbitou recently created fermier cheese comes from the Charolais region of Bourgogne. The Clacbitou makes a light impression of fat in mouth and its flavour develops multiple aromas. Fresh, the Clacbitou has less flavour and presents a light sourness. Clacbitou develops a marked milky taste and a pronounced flavour. After its period of refining, the dough becomes very smooth, white and fine.

A perfect cheese to marry with Chardonnay wine.


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Spring - Summer - Fall
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300 g (10,5 Ozs)

Pairing cheese and wine

Dry white wine: Rully (Chardonnay grape) Fruity red wine: Fleurie (Gamay Noir grape)



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