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Petit Morin

Petit Morin, cow milk cheese available to sell

In the Seine et Marne region of France were the rivers of the “petit and grand Morin” meet, two great cheeses are produced: the Brie de Meaux and the Coulommiers which at one time was called the “Brie petit moule”(Brie in little form). The petit Morin is produced from the same milk of this region and made in a dairy under the same name. Its round football shape is unusual and lends an interesting ambiance to a cheese board. The taste is soft and refreshing. In the making of the cheese a touch of fresh cream is added, a little secret not often known. We suggest you drink Champagne with this cheese, a royal treat. Small cheese very creamy !


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30 g (1,05 Ozs)

Pairing cheese and wine