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Coeur de Chevre

Coeur de Chevre, goat milk cheese available to sell

Coeur de chevre cheese is made from raw "poitevine" goat milk, "poitevine" being a particular breed of goats. The herds roam and feed on the rich grasses of the Gatinais. This area is also famous for another gastronomic delight the delicious apples known under the name La Reine (Queen) des Reinettes. The colour of this cheese ranges from pure white to white sprinkled with a soft blue mould. The Coeur de Chèvre has the particularity of being wrapped in a chestnut leaf. This is a tradition of the Poitou region, but as far as we know there is no legend attached to this custom. The taste of coeur de Chevre is light with no sourness, with a slightly salty after-taste. During the maturing period this cheese develops a taste of cave mixed with goat milk. The texture of the pate is smooth, and sticks to the palate before deliciously melting in the mouth.


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Spring - Summer
2 weeks


150 g (5,25 Ozs)

Pairing cheese and wine

Red wine: Haut-Poitou (Gamay Noir, Cabernet-Franc grapes)