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Briquette du Forez

Briquette du Forez, goat milk cheese available to sell

The Briquette du Forez is matured, until dry, in humid cellars. The rind is a natural white mould that thickens over the ripening period. There is only a small amount produced that is made entirely from the farm, and it is very difficult to find in the market place. The taste has a pronounced vegetable plant savour that is pleasurable to the palate. This cheese is very fresh and creamy, the pâte is soft and has an odour of goat cheese.


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Spring - Summer
Minimum 1 month For US delivery maturing extended over 60 days


210 g (7,35 Ozs)

Pairing cheese and wine

Red wine: Côte Roannaise (Gamay Noir grape)