Our Commitments

"Rest with me on green foliage : we have ripe fruit, soft chestnuts and plenty of fresh cheese."
Virgil, 42 BC

  • Fromages.com SA's ambition is to become the French "artisanal" (artisan) and "fermier" ( farmer) cheesemaking worldwide purveyor and authority. Serving the world's table with their cheeses and maintaining an authoritative library.

  • Fromages.com SA believes that in making available to the world cheeses of highest quality, they have a duty to discuss taste and explain the history and origins of the cheeses.

  • Fromages.com SA's window to the world will be through the internet…www fromages. com. Through this medium the company expects to have an interactive relationship with its customers.

  • The products will be the finest France has to offer with the concept that they will be delivered from our cellars to your door in 24 hours. Fromages.com SA will use the rapid transport systems that are available today.

  • For passionate cheese lovers, Fromages.com SA will develop a club. The ambition of this club is to create a privileged environment that will satisfy the appetite of the most ardent cheese lover , whether it be in taste or knowledge.

  • The "raison d'etre" of the site is to promote and to interest the world in French "artisanal and fermier" cheeses. Fromages.com SA intents to develop products that enhance the pleasure of eating cheeses.

David Nutt - International Director


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