Saveurs des fêtes cheese platter

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950 g
(33,25 Ozs)

Discover our "Saveurs des Fêtes" platter, a gourmet celebration featuring an exquisite selection of exceptional cheeses. For your enjoyment and that of your guests, we've assembled a distinctive range of festive delights, perfect for your moments of rejoicing and sharing.

Our platter includes a harmonious variety of must-try cheeses:

Fourme d'Ambert PDO: A gastronomic staple, with its subtle notes and melting texture, will transport you to the heart of Auvergne.

Saint Nectaire PDO: From the verdant pastures of Auvergne, this delicately flavored cheese with a creamy texture will delight the most demanding palates.

Comté PDO 18 month: The fruit of ancestral know-how, this Comté ripened for 18 months offers a palette of rich, nuanced flavors, a true delight for cheese lovers.

Pérail de Brebis: Soft and creamy, this ewe's milk cheese delivers subtle aromas and a voluptuous texture, for a refined experience.

Tomme de montagne à l'ail des Ours: This traditional tomme with bear's garlic reveals unique flavors, a perfect marriage of mountain and nature.

Each cheese is carefully selected for its authenticity and quality, guaranteeing an exceptional tasting experience for your parties and celebrations. Treat yourself and your guests to the best of cheese flavors for unforgettable moments.


* - Naturellement savoureux

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