Ultimate Christmas Box and Champagne

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2250 g
(78,75 Ozs)

Dear Gourmet.


We have patiently selected seasonal cheeses for their incomparable taste qualities during the Christmas season.

From the sweetness of a Vacherin Mont d'Or to the power of a Roquefort Baragnaudes, through the originality of a mountain tomme with summer truffles, and the nutty flavors of a Comté 24 months.


This gustatory walk will enchant your taste buds.


Moreover, we have included in this selection a bottle of Champagne brut* that will enhance all the flavors of these exceptional cheeses.


Finally, to offer you an incomparable gourmet gift, we pack this selection in a gift box.


The ideal Gourmet gift


Indulge yourself !



*Alcohol is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation


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Dear Gourmet
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