Homecoming Cheeseboard

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875 g
(30,625 Ozs)

It's back to school time!

Enjoy our new back-to-school platter made with a flower log made from goat's milk rolled directly in a bed of flowers. Each bite is unique because each flower brings a distinct flavor.

Continue with the character of Bleu d'Auvergne blue-veined cheese, produced near Clermont-Ferrand in Auvergne, followed by a piece of Lavort that will delight lovers of ewe's milk cheeses delivering rich and tender flavors,

Continue your tasting with a piece of Tamié Abbey, cousin of Reblochon, made for over 100 years by the monks.

Finally finish on a delicate touch with a Tomette à l'huile sprinkled with spices (pepper and thyme mainly) and olive oil.


Enjoy your meal!


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