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With this selection of cheeses, I wanted to share with you my passion for these products.


I have meticulously selected 5 exceptional cheeses.


Let's start with Roquefort, a cheese made from sheep's milk PDO. Coming from Aveyron in the Midi-Pyrénées region and belonging to the blue family, its unique taste is appreciated by great cheese lovers.


Let's go to Normandy to taste the famous Camembert PDO of Normandy, made from cow's milk and ladled, as well as the Galet d'Albâtre, a soft and melting goat cheese in the shape of a pebble inspired by the Alabaster coast and reminiscent of its white chalky cliffs.


Then let's make a little trip to Switzerland to appreciate a Swiss Gruyère cheese with a fruity and tasty taste.


Let's finish this tasting with a delicious Filetta from Corsica, decorated with its fern leaf.


Have a good tasting,

Xavier Thuret - Meilleur Ouvrier de France

* - Naturellement savoureux

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