Cheeses and red Burgundy

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Dear Gourmet,


To pair a red wine and cheeses is always a challenge.

You start with a Burgundy (red wine pinot noir grapes) Domaine Dampt Frères* which is on the fruit with a touch of black cherry.


and you marry this wine with 5 cheeses:


Lavort: this cheese will underline the fruit of the wine.

Then the Crottin, goat cheese, which will slowly disappear and the fruit of the wine will comeback.

Saint Nectaire and burgundy wine will be the great harmony

Fourme d'Ambert is very mild and will enhance the quality of the wine

To finish with the Epoisses, where we have a perfect match between the cheese and the wine.




*alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health to consume and enjoy in moderation

* - Naturellement savoureux

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