Spring collection by Xavier Thuret

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With this Spring cheeseboard, I wanted to share with you my passion for some cheeses.


I carefully selected 6 cheeses. First one is the lengendary Camembert from Normandy. Then we’ve got Moelleux des Alpes with truffle a cow cheese from Savoy with black truffle in it.

After you will try the Fleur du Maquis a ewe cheese from Corsica, this cheese is covered with scrubland aromatic herbs (savory, rosemary), juniper berries and chillis.


Now let’s taste the Roquefort Baragnaudes probably the world’s greatest blue cheese.


Finish in Franche-Comte enjoy the mythic Comté 18 months tasty and fruity cheese.


Bon Appétit,


Xavier Thuret - MOF -


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