Fall selection by Xavier Thuret

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With this fall cheeseboard, I wanted to share with you my passion for some cheeses.


I carefully selected 5 cheeses. First one is Le Vignol a goat cheese with an oath of vineyard in the middle. Then we’ve got Brie de Melun made from partly skimmed milk; taste is a little bit stronger than his cousin's Brie de Meaux.


Now let’s go to Auvergne to taste Bleu de Laqueuille a 90 days caved cheese, this caving time make him soft and creamy.


Then let’s go to Switzerland enjoy the mythic Swiss Gruyère a tasty and fruity cheese.  Finish this tasting with the Abbaye de Tamié a soft cheese with a pate slightly less creamy than Reblochon's but it often taste more fruity.


Bon Appetit,


Xavier Thuret - MOF -


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