Summer Sampler

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1180 g
(41,3 Ozs)


Time to discover this cheeseboard composed of 3 goat cheeses and 1 ewe cheese


A Crottin dry with olive oil and chilli will bring you directly in South of France as Tome de Provence with his creamy flavory

Then we’ll go to Normandy coast with Galet d’albâtre a soft ash goat cheese


And finally, you will go to South-West of France discover La Basquaise a ewe milk cheese who’s washed with Espelette chilli. You will also find this chilli inside the cheese and that will bring you a little summer spicy touch


To go with all those summer cheese, you’re gonna find 2 fruits cutney, Pear-Cumin(caraway) and Tomato-Chilli


Are you gonna fall for this summer sampler ?

* - Naturellement savoureux

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