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1055 g
(36,925 Ozs)

This Cheese collection announce spring Time, and mainly 2 cheeses families.


First, uncooked and unpressed soft cheese with white mold, and of course I have selected. The king of the cheese: Brie de Meaux

The second family is of course, goat cheese, where we can't wait and enjoy a specific Easter goat cheese: The Compostelle with his scallop shape


Spring is also time to say goodbye to Beaufort 2017 summer production with his intense flavor and also Roquefort, last 2018 production.

To finish, I invite you to a trip to Corsica, where I have selected a unique cheese: Casanu, a ewe cheese matured with a chestnut beer.


Enjoy cheeses


Xavier Thuret Best Cheese Worker 2007

* - Naturellement savoureux

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