Mountain selection and Honey

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(29,4 Ozs)

French mountains are the main production area for hard cheeses.

Each of them, has its own specificities, but all of them have a large shape and are matured from 6 months to years.....

Let's start our gourmet ballade in the Pyrénnées with the famous ewe cheeses : Ossau-Iraty, then a stop in Auvergne to enjoy one of the oldest cheeses : Cantal to finish with 2 cheeses from Alpes known worldwide : Beaufort which was produced during summer time and and old Comté matured 30 months.

To enhance the savor of theese 4 mountain cheeses, we have selected a Honey with Espelette Chili.

A gourmet trip in the French mountains.




* - Naturellement savoureux

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