Raclette à la Truffe d'été 500g - Les Hauts de Savoie

Raclette is a mountain cow cheese from Savoy

Without artificial flavouring, succumb to the summer truffle flavour of this raclette cheese. A balance between the taste of traditional cheese and summer truffle. The truffle is incorporated directly into the curd for a homogeneous distribution of flavors and an aromatic and generous taste.

Made with 100% Savoyard milk and matured for at least 8 weeks for the Raclette cheese.

The summer truffle, in Latin "Tuber Aestivum Vitt.", grows at 10-15cm under trees such as oaks or poplars. It is harvested when the weather is fine, from April to December. It is found in France in the Périgord, Tricastin and other southern regions. It offers more subtle and delicate aromas than the winter truffle, thus marrying perfectly with cheese.

500 g
(17,5 Ozs)
Minimum 2 months For US delivery maturing extended over 60 days

Pairing wine

White wine: Roussette de Savoie (Altesse grape) Red wine: Côte de Beaune (Pinot Noir grape)

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