Rove des Garrigues

Roves garrigues cheese is found principally in the Mediterranean region


Roves des Garrigues is a small goat from Provence.


Goats from the Roves breed found principally in the Mediterranean region, produce very little milk (2 litres a day compared with an average of 5 litres per day for other breeds of goat). The milk is therefore extremely dense.


One finds in the Roves des Garrigues the aroma of thyme and rosemary, typical of the Mediterranean region.


The taste of the Roves des Garrigues is full of the warm-scented herbs of southern France. Round shape with a thin rind and a white pate.


When the cheese is fresh, try a rosé wine when it gets more matured enjoy a dry white wine.

70 g
(2,45 Ozs)
3 weeks minimum For US delivery maturing extended over 60 days

Pairing wine

White wine: Côtes du Ventoux (Clairette, Grenache grapes)

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