Tomme des Fleurs 200g

A piece of flower on a cow cheese

Tomme aux fleurs sauvages is a pasteurized cow's milk cheese, pressed and uncooked, coated with wild flowers. It is produced in the Grand-Est region (Alsace).
Its moist rind is covered with flower petals of various edible varieties: mallow, cornflower, marigold, strawberry, rose, hay, dandelion...

Its paste is ivory yellow, dense and regular.
The scents of the petals are diffused in the paste, giving this cheese unique flavors.

Its taste is sweet, with hazelnut and flower flavors, and if you taste it with its crust, its floral aromas will be more pronounced. The flower petals are placed at the end of the maturing process to keep the cheese looking its best!

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200 g
(7 Ozs)

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